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【Picture Added】[Edited] by the way...

   People who are already suffering from the "Learned Helplessness" are not likely to even write about it on his/her blog.
  ...Think if someone is under  "Learned Helplessness," would they still write about it on the blog at all ??   
  When I wrote mine, I had the following interests in mind; -hoping either it would help people who are on the verge of becoming one, or
-hoping (but to no avail?) making the perps to realise what kind of activities they are participating to innocent people, or
-just for academic interests( I thought it's quite an exciting subject to learn about survival of Trauma and tragedy). 
  On top of the inconsistency of the logic, IF the person was suffering from it AND write about it on the blog is like cofessing he/she is miserable(!)  it's like announcing their own stupidity and powerlessnes, and advertising the weakenss to the whole world(!?); it'll make them too vulnerable! ("Look! I'm now HOPELESS Please get at me now and I'll fall!""???)( least I have't become THAT much idiot ...yet, so it has been quite incomprehensible to me.)  So incomprehensible that I wrote several articles about the theme without worrying anything "then",  but "now" I think it's the way it went with some. 
  By the way, sidetrack slightly, that I do not do the "watch(peep)", so I didn't know much about how it's like to do it, but now, this being one example, that just watching(peeping) someone who's never met or talked or properly even corresponded, would only amplify the wacthers' perceptive slant (worse case is, when the watcher was that minority of sick people, they seem to amplify their delusions so it's quite dangerous(..."dangerous," not to the object but to the subject). And if the watcher had a pre-conceived idea about the object, it can only work to "deceptively confirm" the pre-conceived idea....

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See ya!
with much Love:)

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