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From A Magazine "Foreign Affairs"

  Just reminded me of this older article, so digged it back again, and re-skimmed. I am not from a political or journalistic field.
  I am not subscribed to this magazine, but would like to introduce one of their 2012 article:

From Google search:

Mafia States | Foreign Affairs
Mafia states enjoy the unhealthy advantages of their hybrid status: they're as nimble as gangs and as well ... Essay May/June 2012 Issue Law & InstitutionsLaw ...

An Excerpt:


An important obstacle to combating the spread of mafia states is a basic lack of awareness among ordinary citizens and policymakers about the extent of the phenomenon. Ignorance of the scope and scale of the problem will make it difficult to defend or increase the already meager budgets of government agencies charged with confronting international crime, especially in a time of fiscal austerity. But such awareness will be hard to generate while so many aspects of the process of state criminalization remain ill understood -- and therein lies an even larger problem. Devoting public money to reducing the power of mafia states will be useless or even counterproductive unless the funds pay for policies grounded in a robust body of knowledge. Regrettably, the mafia state is a phenomenon about which there is little available data. The analytic frameworks that governments are currently applying to the problem are primitive, based on outdated understandings about organized crime. Addressing this dearth of knowledge will require law enforcement authorities, intelligence agencies, military organizations, media outlets, academics, and nongovernmental organizations to develop and share more reliable information...."

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